Flatmate Frustrations

When one moves into student accommodation, it does come with a certain expectation that one will have to put up with loud neighbours, dubious fridges, and messy kitchens. I agreed to this and so far have been accepting of those who wished to go to bed later than I, and spend their nights partying. It is understandable that after a night out, it’s impossible to be silent as a mouse on return to the flat, and so, being a rational person, I have had no problems with this whatsoever.

The issue arises when the exclamatory conversations continue into the pre-dawn, when one can actually hear the odd early bird testing its morning voice. As a light sleeper, it takes me sometimes a few hours to drift off – if I turn out the light at midnight, it might be 1:30am before I am even in the REM stages of sleep. So to be woken up at 3am is incredibly frustrating – I had heard them begin their night-time mothers’ meeting (‘they’ being several guys) shortly after 1, but was awoken by a distinct rise in volume. Hoping that the conversation would soon wind up considering the time of day, I lay there patiently, the walls being paper-thin I could very easily eaves-drop. It was when the subject turned to myself that I began to get a little antsy. Hearing anyone laugh and jest at one’s own expense is never fun, but when the clock on my phone declares 3:58am, enough is enough. The turn of my lock caused all conversation to cease, and as I stuck my weary head round the corner, requesting very politely “Can you please not talk in the corridor – normally I don’t mind but it’s been going on for hours now. Please go into a room.”, they did thankfully oblige without a sneer or snigger.

Words shall be had with the owner of the room in due course, reminding him that the walls are so thin it does feel like they are in fact talking in my own room, and thus should be a little more careful about when and where they discuss myself and any of our other flatmates.

Though this disturbance in my sleep did grant me an unexpected lie-in, I sincerely hope this doesn’t become a regular occurrence. As mentioned before, I am generally quite accommodating and do not wish to create animosity between myself and the other people in my flat. However there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed in terms of consideration of others, on both sides.

Cure for a restless and agitated night: take a run around the lake, followed by some yoga, listening to inspirational music. Works wonders.


One thought on “Flatmate Frustrations

  1. I can only imagine your frustration at four o’clock in the morning. I relish eight hours of sleep during the work week, six or seven is definitely a must. Your animosity toward your “considerate” flatmates is forgiven.

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