Review: STOMP

I’ve no doubt all of us have at one time or another (most likely over a decade ago) banged pots and pans with wooden spoons, much to the disdain of our parents who gritted their teeth and remarked on how skilled a musician you were. Most of us then grew up, realised that’s not the way to make music or a living, and got on with real life. For one group of people however, they decided to keep banging away… and luckily for us they became quite good at it!

STOMP is now a global sensation, touring the world and invading theatres with huge plastic oil drums, rigs set up with all kinds of cans, pots, bowls, containers, and road signs – with gumboots on their feet, paint on their clothes, and a slightly manic passion in their eyes, they produce some of the most incredible music and dance I have ever witnessed. It’s been running for 11 years, and provides innovative entertainment; an astonishing piece of visual and audio art using Zippo lighters was one of the highlights for me, showing not only ingenious use of everyday items, but skill and intricate choreography with devices not known for their elegant nature.

The performers all take on individual characters – the confident leader, the girl who just loves to move, the slightly nerdy one, and the one who’s always left behind – and these really enhanced the production, making it more than just a music and dance show, giving a story line and people we could follow. Not only this, but the characters had us bursting into laughter at every turn, and then truly wowing us with their abilities. With talent that, in my opinion, is on a par with the likes of River Dance, the complex taps and rhythms they made in their heavy boots, sometimes enhanced by a sand-covered floor, mustn’t be forgotten. For all they can do with sticks and brooms, the high level of dance included in this show is irrefutable.

If you like music, making a scene, dance, shopping trolleys, flashing lights, washing up liquid, and Mohawks, then you have to get down and see STOMP. You will not be disappointed.


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