Book review: If I Could Turn Back Time

If I Could Turn Back Time is the story of Zoë Kennedy, a broken-hearted sales assistant whose dream is to become a fashion buyer, and redo the last 6 months so her dreamy surgeon boyfriend David doesn’t dump her. Just before Christmas, she might just get the chance. Nicola Doherty’s book provides instant entertainment with little to distract. From the start her characters are relatable and at times cringingly close to home. Whilst not being the most complex of tales, nor the most enthralling storyline,  it nevertheless maintains your interest as you predict each coming chapter and are gratifyingly rewarded. I would describe this as a very good holiday or downtime read – if you’re after something that gets you thinking, perhaps turn elsewhere. However if you’re looking for an inoffensive and amusing pastime, you can’t go far wrong. Fashion, unrequited love, and a bit of physics manipulation, If I Could Turn Back Time is a simple page tuner that shouldn’t be overlooked.


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