Take a Hike!

Did you know that the 17th November is ‘Take a Hike Day’? Nor did I – but the clever people over at Fix.com brought it to my attention.

I’m currently reading Cheryl Strayed’s autobiographical book Wild in which she tackles thousands of miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in an attempt to clear her mind, heart and soul of all the burdens from the previous 5 years. Divorce, death, and desperation pushes her to her mental limits, whilst the PCT tests her physicality in entirely new ways. Her book is both frustrating and inspiring as you share her struggles and novice mistakes, whilst appreciating the depth of character that sees a lone 26-year-old woman step out into the literal unknown in order to better herself.

Hiking is healing, giving you a chance to reflect upon your self whilst absorbing this beautiful world we live in. I’ve experienced this myself on many long walks, and it’s what draws me to tread those paths so often. Kilimanjaro taught me more about myself than I thought possible, and has made me yearn to go on another big adventure again. To discover more of our planet, and stretch myself even further.

So on the 17th November, how about you get off the sofa, tighten those red laces, and see which hills you can summit. Or if you’re at work (as I begrudgingly will be!), get out of the office at lunchtime and see where the paths take you for an hour or so. Fresh air, a wintery breeze, and some time to take stock. Bliss!


Check out Fix.com for a lifestyle blog filled with home tips, outdoor articles, and leisurely activities.

Click to the Fix.com ‘Take A Hike’ article.

One thought on “Take a Hike!

  1. Enjoy Wild! I cried so frequently while I was reading it; it resonated pretty deeply, and Cheryl Strayed’s writing is wonderful.

    I’ll also be at work (albeit outside all day, tending to baby trees) on the 17th, but I’m hoping to celebrate early with a climb up Vermont’s Mount Mansfield.

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