Breaking the Hiatus

It would appear I’ve had a 6 week blogging hiatus. This has not necessarily been deliberate – just one of those things that happens when life gets exciting and busy. Looks like it’s time for a bit of a self-indulgent update!

My 3 month job has been extended to 6 months, which fits in with my plans perfectly. I’ve gone from twiddling my thumbs at my desk to being inundated with phone calls and emails, keeping me on my toes and busy. Just the way I like it. As it always would, this new job is testing me in multiple ways, helping me grow in confidence in dealing with other people, and thinking on the fly. My colleagues are lovely, and I go home feeling satisfied that I’ve made some difference. For the first time I feel valued at work, and genuinely missed when I have even just one day off. It’s not my long-term goal or something I plan to still be in come the New Year, but it’s a valuable learning curve and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

I’ve just signed up for a 9 month Distance Learning course in Basic Editing, to get some credit to my name and hone my abilities. I’ve never done anything like it before and I’m a little intimidated – not least because the little ‘fun’ grammar check exercise to highlight weaknesses shows I actually know very little about grammar terminology. Yes, I know if a sentence is structured correctly, and pride myself with my eye for detail. But apparently I have a lot to learn about the technical nature of grammar… I’m excited, a little scared, but know it’ll be of benefit in the long run.

Now for a mini announcement – in my efforts to build my editorial portfolio, and get more experience, I took a little leap of faith and sent a few emails asking for any editing opportunities at various websites. I did this last year and managed to get (paid!) work for UK Climbing, which was fantastic. Well, the lovely founder Emily over at Womenclimb had been supportive of a controversial article I wrote for them a while back, so I thought I’d see if I could help on another level. Turns out I was just what she was after, and I’m proud to begin working as Assistant Editor for them. They’re a great bunch of ladies who I’ll hopefully get more involved with when I finally move up north, but it feels good to get stuck in and help them out. Who knows where it’ll lead or how long it’ll last, but I’m happy to be doing something for them and myself at this stage.

I’ve been tapping away at a little book – it started as a way to keep myself occupied when work was slow, but now it’s something I’m finding great enjoyment in. I don’t know if it’ll get finished, but I’m quite proud of the 10,000 words I’ve managed to get out so far. There’s no pressure – when I feel inspired I’ll write another few pages, and it think that’s the way to do it. I’ve tried writing in the past and it never worked out, so this time I’m doing it for the love rather than a goal.

On top of all of this, my boyfriend’s gone to Yosemite for 3 weeks with the hopes of climbing The Nose with his best friend, as their last big ‘man trip’. I miss him like crazy already (3 days in… what am I going to do?!), but am so proud of their achievements so far. Getting a text at 3am saying “great 13 hour day – stood on top of Half Dome!” is pretty special, and I don’t mind the disturbed sleep for one second when I get to share in his successes. I’m also taking the time apart as an opportunity to explore by myself as next week I head up for a solitary weekend in the Peak District, learning the roads and routes, and getting some space in the countryside.

So, whether you like it or not, there’s a little update of where I’ve been these last 6 weeks, and why it’s been a bit quiet. Silence on the screen generally means real life is proving more exciting, and for that I’m not sorry! But I’m sure I’ll have something or other to write about before too long… keep watching this space!


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