The Road To Mrs…

On the 3rd July 2016 we went on the first holiday since moving up north – 8 months after our last trip to the continent. We set off early to drive to Northern France, ready for sun, wine, and camping. It was also the day that my lovely other half would propose. Whilst we’ve been together for over three years and marriage has always been on the cards, I was nevertheless taken by complete surprise not just by the timing, but by the beautiful ring he had chosen too. The boy done very good!

Now begins the exciting, scary, and intriguing journey from engagement to marriage. It’s been just over a fortnight since I said a rather stunned “Yes!”, and for those who know me it’ll come as no surprise that quite a lot has already been planned, if only in our heads rather than in reality.

Needless to say, we have both been keen from day one to make sure the process of wedding planning is as easy and stress free as possible. After all, we’re planning the next stage of our future – that should be filled with enthusiasm and happiness, not arguments and contesting flower arrangements. The conversation around a wedding has been relatively open from quite early on in our relationship, and as such we already had an idea of the type of wedding we wanted, the sort of venue, and even some of the details and styles – all this making the process far more straightforward.

Therefore as expected, just 2 weeks after the question was popped along with lots of fizz, we’ve booked our registrar and venue (as of last night!). Planning for 16 months in the future is both a blessing and a curse, as it gives us plenty of time to relax and be casual about details that don’t need to be confirmed for a while, but at the same time we’re already feeling impatient that we have to wait so long! Logistics and personal circumstances have made this a necessity however, and we’re determined to make the most of our time as an engaged couple before the next stage as husband and wife. After all, this is just as exciting!

I expect I’ll write again as and when hurdles are passed and (I’m not naïve) problems arise. I’m not going to disclose to you all the details – we want to keep things private so the day is a surprise for guests, and it’ll all be our little secret, the way it should be! But I will share my experiences moving from fiancée towards bridehood, so watch this space..!



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