The Road To Mrs #2

The other day I realised something. For the last 6 years, I’ve worn two rings on my right hand, both gifts for my 18th birthday and both the only jewellery I tend to wear besides earrings. Yet the moment I received one destined for that third left finger, the others disappeared. It seems small and insignificant, and even a little petty that I’ve stopped wearing them. But it wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision – I just now find myself omitting them each morning and not missing them like I used to.

They’ve not lost their significance or meaning. One was from my oldest friend and the other from my parents and so I treasure them very much. They became such a part of me that I felt a bit naked when not wearing them. So why is it, with the arrival of a new item of jewellery, these now rest on my dressing table?

Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this, and my recent reading of Oscar Wilde is taking me back to my more poetic writing days. But I think that somehow, it’s an acknowledgement of a new stage in my life. Not a discarding of the past or anything quite so dramatic. More a subtle shift towards something at once simple and yet immensely precious. My hands now only bear one symbol, and that is of my commitment to that person I have chosen for life. There is no distraction, nothing to detract from that decision.

It may change over the months as I continue to get used to the idea – it’s still such a novelty that Simon and I often momentarily stare at my glittering finger and then back at each other with silly grins. The person who I was when I turned 18 has not gone away; she is not banished, nor is she hidden embarrassingly in the past. She has evolved and grown, learnt and moved on. Those rings have been through potential loves and seen the rise and fall of teenage and young adult passion. It is time for them to rest, and let the next chapter unfold. The chapter where I move from Miss Stoneman to Mrs Chevis.

This is set to be a sparkling 14 months. In terms of our relationship, future plans, table settings, a tiara… but I don’t doubt that one day, I’ll return to those simple little rings with their memories and personal meanings. For now, they will watch on as I continue on this journey.


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