Home Sweet Home… Nearly

A lot has happened since my last blog post. We’ve both learnt a lot more*, there have been trials, errors, laughter, and quite a few tears (on my part, not Simon’s). But we’re now on the home straight and finally able to convert our once-building site into a liveable and lovely home.

In the last three weeks, we have finished two of the bedrooms. They are painted, cleaned, the master bedroom floor has been scrubbed three times and varnished. Furniture has been rejuvenated (many thanks for Simon’s mum for that!). New curtains are up, a new rug is down, and our bed has been built.

Simon has done an incredible job in the bathroom, single-handedly installing the shower (after a friend helped with the pipes). The toilet appeared to be a step too far, but after three days of lots of research, swearing, and a few arguments he has got us a fully functioning and flushing toilet. We have a massive, beautiful, gleaming sink that runs hot and cold water.

On Saturday, we had our first sleepover in the new house after two van runs, a (fourth) trip to the tip, and a lot of hoovering. With the open fire roaring (and filling the dining room with smoke… we’ll have to look into that), we settled down on our familiar sofa in an unfamiliar room. The shower isn’t quite usable yet till it’s fully sealed, but we’re so nearly there. Our belongings are turning the dated interior into a cosy place to be, and one that in 3 ½ weeks’ time will be filled with both our families.

There’s a sparkly, Christmassy heart on the front door. Fairy lights are ready to adorn the front hedge. We’ve got baubles and plans to buy a big tree next weekend. Our tenancy ends this Sunday. We’re so nearly there, and I can’t quite believe we’ve managed to pull it off. The neighbours behind our rental property came round with a bottle of fizz to say goodbye, but it’s not really. We’re now fully establishing ourselves in this lovely village community, where you’re stopped on the road to have a chat, you’re known in the pub, and you’re expected to help out at the massive summer fair. We took a risk with the move in February, and with buying this house. But fingers crossed, I think we might have just done it.

Welcome to the countryside...
Welcome to the countryside…
Working shower!
Working shower!
Bathroom starting to look fancy.
Bathroom starting to look fancy.
Our little slice of blue heaven.
Our little slice of blue heaven.
First night getting cosy!
First night getting cosy!
Adding some Christmas Cheer.
Adding some Christmas Cheer.

* Complete DIY Skills List now includes: Polyfilla-ing, cutting in, painting, tiling, drilling walls & tiles, building furniture (previous skill now honed), heavy lifting (could already do this, but now well-practised)

Simon’s skills now include: plumbing in radiator/shower/toilet/sink (bath to come), battening, plasterboarding, waterproofing shower area, fitting shower trays, tiling walls, tiling floors, tiling around awkward shapes…. His list continues.


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