The Road to Mrs #3

Today is a momentous day. As I’m sure most over-excited organised people do, I have several ‘days left’ countdown widgets on my phone as we crawl towards exciting dates in the diary. Today, we hit 299 days till the wedding. Every time we break a hundreds barrier, we get a bit giddier, and it becomes a bit more real. It was more than 450 days to go when we got engaged, so we already feel like we’re leaping ahead towards W-Day.

Now that we’re in our wedding year – and the house is liveable with the first big room 99% finished – it’s time to start planning. We haven’t really given it much thought since September, when we booked the last major item of the videographer. Since then we’ve been all-systems-go for the house, as well as having a holiday and hosting an amazing family Christmas.

It can no longer be put on the back burner. The days are moving fast, and we’re moving ever-closer to the day we become man and wife. I’m more excited than ever, but slightly overwhelmed by the mental to-do list that seems to be growing. At some point in the next few days we’re making an action plan with deadlines, balance due dates, and what we need to focus on for the next 299 days.

The first big step has been taken already however, as I’ve just booked an afternoon tea appointment at a bridal boutique for me, our mums and my bridesmaids. I’m not completely sure what to expect – I have an image in my mind of what I want as a dress, but who knows what I might think when I start trying them on. But I’m open minded, and looking forward to a girly day regardless of whether or not I find The Dress at that first shop.

Soon it will be time for Simon’s suit, buying the rings, booking a pizza oven, and working out all those little details that make weddings memorable and unique. I’m not a naturally creative person, but Pinterest as always saves the day with plenty of inspiration. Between us, we’re already working out some little ways to put our personalities into the day – with a venue that’s entirely left to us to fill, the (probably drizzly) sky’s the limit! Which makes it even harder to work out what we want, afford and can be bothered with… I’ve already had two sleepless nights this year, my mind whirling about all that needs to get done. But we will get there, and I’ve no doubt that even if we do nothing between now and November, it’ll be an amazing day.

Bring on another big year for our little household. And we still have the rest of the house to renovate…


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