117 days

It’s just 117 days until our wedding day. Just under 4 months. 17 weeks. That’s not too many. I think my last update was about The Dress Hunt… and I can update you to say that I have indeed picked the dress, and all going well will be picking it up next week.

Simon’s bought his suit. We both have wedding rings. We’ve practised our centre pieces and now have to buy 9 boxes of fairy lights. The table plan is organised, as is the apartment plan save a few little tweaks as guests finalise.

What I love, is that this has been a stress free process. We’d talked throughout our relationship of the Big Day, and so nothing really came as a surprise in the planning. The big bits were sorted quickly, and if we do nothing for the next few months we can still show up, get married, eat food, and have a good time. With 150 bottles of wine in every colour in our spare room, we’ll manage!

Our honeymoon is booked – the only element that caused any kind of tension. Our original plan of Iceland was proving too expensive, and I struggled to move on from that dream that had been in my mind for months. Eventually, I saw sense as Simon patiently created an alternative, heading back to Sicily and roadtripping Italy for 11 days. Relaxing, varied, beautiful, and cheaper, enabling us to be more extravagant with hotels.

There are still the fiddly bits to do. I’ve sent my flower ideas to the planner. We can’t quite decide on a first dance. We need to measure the entrance for bunting and work out if we want ‘Wedding’ signs on the driveway. The to-do list is still long, but it’s more a matter of getting around to sorting, than any conflicts or difficulties.

But despite it all, regardless of the faffy bits, the ribbons, the favours. In 117 days, I get to marry the man of my dreams, the man of my life, my best friend.



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