The Final Fortnight

The final countdown is here! It’s just under 2 weeks to go till the Big Day – final details are getting sorted, crafts completed, lists ticked off. We’ve also had a shed built and the front room is ready for repainting after a lot of wall destruction and replastering… But we never could keep things simple!

It’s been a bit of an emotional weekend. Yesterday – Saturday – was the 14 days to go day, and also the day I realised that I definitely wasn’t happy with my dress. Having had a ‘final’ fitting just over a week ago, I’d been looking for the right sort of bra to wear with it, but it turns out it’s just not fitting right. Cue a lot of tears and panic. I’m heading back to the seamstress this week and – fingers crossed – she’ll work some final magic and I’ll be able to pick up a perfectly fitting gown with a couple of days to spare. But I’m also trying hard to keep things in perspective. No matter what I’m wearing, in two weeks’ time I’ll have married my best friend. Whether the dress is perfect or not, the moment I’ve got it on and say those vows, nothing else will matter, and I’m determined not to let this minor blip mar these final days of preparation.

Simon had his own outfit hiccup at the one-month mark. He’d ordered a bespoke suit from a mobile tailoring company, and had taken it for some final tweaks at the tailor. When he collected it, he realised he really wasn’t happy either. So that lunchtime, in true spur-of-the-moment Simon fashion, he ordered a new suit from T M Lewin, and within 5 days had his new new suit fitting perfectly and in our cupboard. So at least he’s been fully understanding of my change of heart! Again regardless of all this, we know that it’s not really that important, and it’s what we’re saying that will mean the most.

Aside from this, everything else definitely has gone to plan more or less. I had the most amazing Hen Party last weekend, and was able to spend the run up to it with my sister and gorgeous niece over from Australia. Simon’s been incredible, picking up various jobs and tasks when I was getting a bit overwhelmed, whilst cracking on with all the house renovations too. Table plans are done (by my very talented sis), shopping lists ordered, decorations ready. We’re still yet to choose our first dance song, but we’re probably only going to know the right one the day before.

I’ve got myself booked in for a massage and a manicure two days before whilst my dress (whether altered or not!) is in for its final steam – I want to be sure I’m starting our wedding as relaxed and laid back as possible. I tend to find that the build up to events is the most stressful, and when the date actually comes around I can (just about) embrace it. But a proper pamper is well overdue! Next weekend we’re celebrating my dad’s 60th with my family so we’re trying to get as much sorted as possible so we’re able to enjoy some time catching up with everyone before the wonderful madness.

It’s very easy to get swept up in the smallest of things, but thankfully throughout it all we’ve largely managed to keep in mind that no matter what happens, we’ll still get married. Whatever happens, we’re a team and keep each other (largely) grounded. Once the rings are on and our names are signed, what has passed will be forgotten and our exciting future will be ahead. I just can’t wait.


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