Book review: Roar

Like a selection box of herbal teas, Roar offers a remedy for any situation, mood or ailment. Your heart, head, home, health. Each carefully crafted to speak right to the soul of womanhood at any stage of life; flicking through the pages is like drinking tea with a dearest friend, steam clearing the mind and wrapping its aroma around you.

Some will resonate more than others depending on life experiences, but there’s no doubt that you will find more than one that equips you with the tools and the courage to face every situation head on.

Cleverly, Cecelia Ahern avoids naming each heroine to avoid comparison or distance. Returning the power to the reader and allowing her own characteristics to come through, means that even those stories that don’t seem quite as relevant still make their place.

The first story, The Woman Who Slowly Disappeared, sets off with a narrative at once heartwrenching and uplifting, giving the woman back control and reminding her of her worth.  The wonderful The Woman Who Was Swallowed Up By the Floor and Who Met Lots Of Other Women Down There Too makes you laugh and cringe in solidarity. The Woman Who Wears Pink felt powerful, horrific in its extremity, and yet eye-opening, calling to the desperate need for acceptance and balance.

This is a book you will return to. When a doubt lodges itself in your mind, when you have a bad day, you will take it down and turn to the appropriate tonic. A constant reminder that women are strong, resilient, wonderful – hear her roar.



This book was reviewed originally for LoveReading.


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