Book review: The Blame Game

A heart-wrenching story of grief, guilt and family, and the extreme lengths you’ll go to save those you love.

The Blame Game is a remarkable but devastating depiction of the after-effects of trauma. When two young people make life-shattering decisions, those choices echo through their lives over the next two decades, infiltrating their relationships, daily lives and futures.

C J Cooke unravels the fate of her characters with the delicacy of a surgeon, revealing hints of what lies beneath whilst keeping the dark red depths just out of reach. The chapters of ‘before’ don’t feel worn or overdone, but rather weave into the narrative to complete the web of Helen and Michael’s lives.

This novel questions morality and responsibility, but also handles mental distress with compassion. It makes you wonder what you would do, what could have been done differently, and whether, in the end, all that matters is protecting those you love.



This book was originally reviewed for LoveReading.


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