Remembering Kilimanjaro

At this time of post-university limbo, it felt appropriate to reflect on one of my biggest achievements to date. Exactly a year ago today, my summit dream on Mount Kilimanjaro ended. At 5000m, after several hours of disorientation, fainting, and hallucinations, I was turned back suffering from altitude sickness. Hindsight is both a gift and … More Remembering Kilimanjaro

The Roaches

This weekend (25th-27th November) saw my second trip with the mountaineering society, to the more southern section of the Peaks known as The Roaches. Staying in the Don Whillans Memorial Hut (aka Rockhall Cottage), a small stone house built around existing boulders, we ventured into the gales for more adventures on gritstone. The hut itself … More The Roaches

London Calling

Generally, I would class myself as someone who dislikes cities, and would choose the vast, heavy silence of a valley or field over the hustle and bustle of main streets. I always feel more myself when I’m left alone atop a mountain, or go for a cycle and end up on a deserted road with … More London Calling