Climbing Safety – Minimising Risks

This article is entirely based on my own opinions and observations, designed to spark debate and thought. Rock climbing does, of course, come with a huge array of risks and dangers – whether it’s inside, outside, short boulders, multi-pitch routes, rock, ice, snow, or resin. There’s a multitude of things that can, have, and will … More Climbing Safety – Minimising Risks


Watching Expectations

Next week I embark on a two-week work placement with a local children’s publishers. It’s the fruit of a proactive nature and not being afraid to pester via emails – something that has given me great opportunities in the past. I’m now faced with the unknown – it’s a company I found through endless searching … More Watching Expectations

What do you want out of your Theatre Degree?

I’m half way through reading a Theatre Studies degree. Coming from an academic background, I shocked the majority of my friends and teachers by choosing to pursue something in the arts – to compensate, I insisted upon choosing a University that boasted a 50/50 degree of theory and practice. Now I’m not saying that academics … More What do you want out of your Theatre Degree?

The Art of Rowing

So, I’ve taken up a new sport. Whilst still maintaining my love and enthusiasm for climbing, over the summer I decided I’d like to try something more team-orientated. I’m awful at ball sports – having slightly odd knees and hips, running doesn’t suit me well and my foot-eye coordination leaves a lot to be desired. … More The Art of Rowing

Fringe Fever

As we approach August, the buzz of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us once again. Previews are springing up all across the country, props and costumes are being made, last-minute funding is trickling in. The Fringe Festival is one of the ways that new companies can test out their material and get a taste … More Fringe Fever

Royal Revelry

This week we have been inundated with Royal memorabilia, celebration, and performance. Singers have reached the peaks of their careers at the Jubilee concert, classical music has found an unusually willing audience during Sunday’s flotilla, and choirs across the country have been enjoying the angelic voices soaring through St. Paul’s Cathedral. One thing I’ve noticed, … More Royal Revelry