A Hidden Dream

Ever since I was little, I’ve envisaged living in a cottage in the countryside. Surrounded by hills, views of the clouds from my windows, sounds of birds and little else. A room dedicated to books – a haven of literature and creativity. With a big oak table and a green reading lamp where I’ll write … More A Hidden Dream


Bathing Bliss

Yes that’s right – this is a post about baths. For some, it’s purely hygienic. For others, it’s a weird soup of luke-warm water. For me, it’s a haven of tranquillity, my little warm bubble, an oasis of calm in my own home. Quite frankly, it’s a lifesaver. The act of taking a bath may … More Bathing Bliss

Book review: Five Quarters of the Orange

I discovered Joanne Harris through Blackberry Wine; a quirky, light-hearted story narrated by a bottle of wine, depicting beautiful and mysterious rural life in France. It was filled with comical anecdotes and left you feeling warm and filled with fermented grapes. Harris is a phenomenal story-teller, and paints the most intricate pictures in your mind, … More Book review: Five Quarters of the Orange

Book list for 2012

As usual, my Christmas list this year was three parts books, one part miscellaneous. Though surprisingly, I had more misc-shaped presents than normal, which is probably a good thing as my shelves are still bursting with books unread. And so I begin my own 2012 challenge – to finish all the books I currently own … More Book list for 2012