(Belated) Review: Avenue Q

I’d heard a lot of good things about Avenue Q, and had caught a glimpse or two on various television showcases, but hadn’t yet had the chance to experience it for myself. So this year’s UK tour brought to us by the Sell-A-Door company (and directed by Cressida Carré)  was to hit very close to … More (Belated) Review: Avenue Q


Review: Swan Lake

I’m not a dancer. I know little about the technicality of dance and what can be deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad. I can, however, express my appreciation for a show, the form of people moving across a stage, and the impression I’m left with upon leaving the theatre. The Moscow City Ballet have just left Guildford … More Review: Swan Lake

Review: BalletBoyz

Talent 2013 is the latest production by the innovative dance group, BalletBoyz. Even calling them a ‘dance group’ doesn’t do justice to the things these men do; it is not just ballet or contemporary but the most incredible expression of passion and strength. Following on from my recent interview with dancer Ed Pearce, I was … More Review: BalletBoyz