Things I’ve Learnt

Turns out buying a house is quite a big thing. Not just in terms of a big commitment to my other half and to my bank, as well as a big deal for our finances. But it’s also completely new and has opened up a whole world of diy projects I’ve never even thought about … More Things I’ve Learnt


We Bought A House…

This isn’t a wedding update, though I have just paid the deposit for our videographer. No, whilst we’re just over a year away from our Big Day, we’ve decided to do another big, life-altering thing at the same time. We’ve bought a house. When we moved up north in February, we jokingly said wouldn’t it … More We Bought A House…

New Festivities

It’s finally that time of  year. The dreariness of November has passed, and we now have extra days off work, an excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of food, and an acceptable time to wear gaudy knitwear. Yes, to state the obvious, it is December and time to get Christmassy. This is an odd season for … More New Festivities