Taking Back Control

I saw a quote float around Facebook, Twitter and the like recently. It said “If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree”. At the time it made me laugh and move on… then I remembered it and thought more closely. It’s true – you are not a tree. You are … More Taking Back Control


Take to the Water

It’s been a long and endless struggle, trying to find an aerobic exercise that I can do, enjoy, and doesn’t injure me. I’ve always had a problem with stitches when running, and have tried every trick in the book until I finally acceded that it just wasn’t for me. Rowing was a wonderful, exhilarating 6 … More Take to the Water

A Degree of Difficulty

In January last year I wrote an article about my disappointment with my degree – being half way through I felt underwhelmed, and slightly let down by my university. Contact hours were incredibly low, and it wasn’t exactly the intellectual stimulation I had expected to get from a degree course, despite its 50% practical nature. … More A Degree of Difficulty