Keep Your Head Up

Being a commuter to London – or to any big city – can leave you feeling like a bit of a zombie. Heads down, gazes averted, we spend our morning journey avoiding eye contact and absorbing ourselves in our own little world. This might be a book, music, or technological wizardry that allows you to … More Keep Your Head Up

Review: STOMP

I’ve no doubt all of us have at one time or another (most likely over a decade ago) banged pots and pans with wooden spoons, much to the disdain of our parents who gritted their teeth and remarked on how skilled a musician you were. Most of us then grew up, realised that’s not the … More Review: STOMP

Review: Less Than Kind

Set in 1944 London, Terence Rattigan’s Less Than Kind unravels around Sir John (James Wilby) and Mrs Brown (Sara Crowe), two independent adults who have found scandalous love amongst war torn Britain. When war-widow Mrs Brown’s son Michael (David Osmond) returns, the household is thrown into a frenzy of politics, anger, and conspiracy. Directing one … More Review: Less Than Kind

London Calling

Generally, I would class myself as someone who dislikes cities, and would choose the vast, heavy silence of a valley or field over the hustle and bustle of main streets. I always feel more myself when I’m left alone atop a mountain, or go for a cycle and end up on a deserted road with … More London Calling