Another Year Forward

At the start of a new year, as we do every time, it’s an opportunity to reflect back and look forward. The name of this blog is two parts of the Latin phrase ‘Respice, Adspice, Prospice’ – look behind, look here, look ahead. Pretty cheesy, but it always reminds me of those ambitions of a … More Another Year Forward


Big Sky Therapy

My whole life has been punctuated by some sort of worry. From 18 months old I had a phobia of dogs, and ended up going to a psychiatrist when my parents realised that my instinct to run away from the problem could lead to serious issues – namely running into the road in a state … More Big Sky Therapy

A New Chapter

This week, I graduated university (in case you hadn’t noticed by my Twitter account…) – I walked confidently down the cathedral aisle, managed to stand proud on my rarely worn 5-inch heels, and shook hands with three men I’ve never met before. But one of the unemployed masses I will not be. After 5 months, … More A New Chapter