A Degree of Difficulty

In January last year I wrote an article about my disappointment with my degree – being half way through I felt underwhelmed, and slightly let down by my university. Contact hours were incredibly low, and it wasn’t exactly the intellectual stimulation I had expected to get from a degree course, despite its 50% practical nature. … More A Degree of Difficulty

What do you want out of your Theatre Degree?

I’m half way through reading a Theatre Studies degree. Coming from an academic background, I shocked the majority of my friends and teachers by choosing to pursue something in the arts – to compensate, I insisted upon choosing a University that boasted a 50/50 degree of theory and practice. Now I’m not saying that academics … More What do you want out of your Theatre Degree?

Home or Away

I am once again battling with the question: to move, or not to move? I am currently in University residences – it is a very nice building, a good size room with an en suite, my flatmates are (on the whole) a nice group of people, and there is nothing to suggest I am having … More Home or Away