Take to the Water

It’s been a long and endless struggle, trying to find an aerobic exercise that I can do, enjoy, and doesn’t injure me. I’ve always had a problem with stitches when running, and have tried every trick in the book until I finally acceded that it just wasn’t for me. Rowing was a wonderful, exhilarating 6… More Take to the Water

The M Word

Migraines. A mystery to those who don’t suffer them. A nightmare to those who do. Upsetting, debilitating, and 8 million* people in the UK experience them. For me, they are unpredictable and incredibly distressing. I have three possible known triggers – Coke (more than 1 glass), Yorkie chocolate, and ‘giant’ Parma violets – but the… More The M Word

Seeking Something More

It’s coming up to a year since I graduated, and I’ve spent the past months – fortunately, and gratefully – working full-time. To walk into a salaried job straight out of university is surprising and overwhelming, particularly when you are not someone who enjoys change or meeting new people. The first ten months I was in the… More Seeking Something More

Why I Quit.

Let me start this by saying I am an incredibly practical person. My sensible head is always on, I kill myself through rationality, and never make spontaneous decisions. Even the suggestion of having people over for dinner needs to be run by me with at least 24hours notice. But six weeks ago, I quit my… More Why I Quit.