Home or Away

I am once again battling with the question: to move, or not to move? I am currently in University residences – it is a very nice building, a good size room with an en suite, my flatmates are (on the whole) a nice group of people, and there is nothing to suggest I am having any problems.

However, I am beginning to seriously consider moving back home, ‘home’ being only a 20minute drive away anyway. The dilemma comes at the real mixture of opinion on the subject. Some people look down on those who remain at home when studying, others find they couldn’t handle uni life if they didn’t have the comforts of a familiar place.

In my procrastination, I drew up a list of the pros and cons of moving back home. On the ‘for’ list were things such as saving money (approximately £1,500 if my maths is correct), increased flexibility as I’d have access to a car, none of the hassle of coming home during breaks, and so on. On the list of reasons not to move out were: it’d be less sociable living away from campus, what’s the cost of car insurance going to be like against rent, and will my relationship with my parents, which has improved a lot since starting uni, slip once more as I’m under their roof? I feel I can answer my own questions – I am not a generally sociable person, and if I do go out I seldom drink that much, so driving to and from a night out wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. Car insurance is of course a major issue; however taking in to consideration the allowance my parents give me to cover ‘living costs’ alongside my maintenance loan, there is a strong possibility I’ll be able to manage. And the problem of relationship – this comes down to an acceptance that I am an adult and my own responsibility, and I’m sure if I have a good conversation with my parents things won’t go too awry.

Similarly,  many of the friends I have made through the USMC are in fact graduates or post-grad students, and they themselves live off campus and do not seem the worse for it. My socialization with them may in fact be improved when I have the use of a car and don’t have to worry about how to get back to my flat each night. One more thing to consider.

Yet the overarching question still remains unanswered in my mind, and with two weeks until the withdrawal deadline, I must start making decisions soon. It is something that I know many people have struggled with, and one that lies entirely with the individual. We shall see.


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