Another Year Forward

At the start of a new year, as we do every time, it’s an opportunity to reflect back and look forward. The name of this blog is two parts of the Latin phrase ‘Respice, Adspice, Prospice’ – look behind, look here, look ahead. Pretty cheesy, but it always reminds me of those ambitions of a seventeen-year-old as I put my thoughts out into the world. And hey, some of you are still here!

2018 was, for me as for most, full of ups and downs. I started the year frustrated but hopeful, starting the journey of finding a new job. I naively thought – and was encouraged by multiple recruitment agencies – that it’d be a relatively straight forward search, and everyone predicted a new role for me by spring. It took 6 months in the end, countless applications, interviews, one particularly scary presentation (which I smashed even if the company didn’t want me). Throughout this all I had to still remain motivated at the job I was in, determined not to let my commitment slip even though I was looking for a way out. It was tough, particularly as other people were moving on too, and I didn’t want to let my colleagues down.

But eventually, after taking a chance on a job I hadn’t really thought about from a recruiter I didn’t really get on with, everything aligned. It was a shift moving from agency to client side in a whole new industry, but an opportunity to take ownership of my career, my skills, and my ambitions. I now have a job I love, the panic attacks that used to plague me weekly have faded away almost entirely and I’m more motivated than I’ve been since university. The next year is going to be extremely busy, but incredibly exciting. The company is supporting me through a CIM accredited diploma, and we have big goals that we’re striving to achieve.

This last year has also seen me discover open water swimming. As a child who needed a lot of swimming lessons and never felt natural in the water, this change has surprised my friends and family but most of all myself. My first race was a huge success and ending in the middle of the pack I had the biggest grin on my face. I’m looking forward to entering many more races, increasing my distance and improving my wetsuit technique. Possibly getting into that chilly realm of cold water swimming next winter… but for now the heated outdoor pool is a good stopgap till the rivers warm up a little.

2018 was also my first year of marriage. When you say “I Do”, the world doesn’t turn upside down (no matter what the rom-coms tell you), but it was a commitment we wanted to make to each other and one that I’m so pleased to have made to my husband. As in every relationship regardless of the life stage, there are good times and bad times. We’ve nearly finished renovating the house which will be a huge relief, but the summer proved the most stressful yet with the kitchen being fitted by cowboy builders. We also roadtripped the Alps which was a fantastic two weeks of exploring and reconnecting. Through it all, we’ve remained a strong team, continued to love and grow, learn even more about each other, and cement our lives together.

All in all, it’s been a good one. The next is going to be just as mundane, just as exciting, just as trying and just as rewarding. We’re visiting my sister, brother-in-law and niece in Australia in April which is going to be a huge, heartwarming adventure. We should both continue progressing in our chosen careers. We’ll be able to relax with a beautifully rebuilt house. And as we’ve finally got back into climbing in the last few weeks, we’ll hopefully be spending more time on the rock, which was a key reason for moving to the Peak in the first place. Throw in plenty of swimming, a lot of reading, a few more holidays and the year to come should be another happy journey.

Kinder Reservoir, High Peak
Kinder Reservoir



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