Book review: Postscript

Seven years after Holly read her first PS, I Love You from her husband, she’s faced with a new challenge. A group of people desperate for her help, but how much of her time – and heart – can she spare to open up those old letters?

Cecelia Ahern weaves a delicate tapestry of life in Postscript – understanding love, grief, and everything in between in a way that is instantly relatable.

Holly Kennedy continues to prove her strength, as much to herself as to everyone around her, ultimately revealing that you can let go of enough of the past to move on, but still retain those ties that mean so much.

The members of the PS, I Love You club are each complex in their own way and draw you into their lives and struggles. Ginicka, in particular, found her way into my affections with her stoicism and yet undeniable vulnerability. Ahern writes with a sensitivity that leaves you thinking about her characters as well-known friends.

Every time I closed Postscript, my eyes would linger on my husband and wonder what our own letters would contain – not out of morbidity or fear, but as a reflection on our relationship and an appreciation of the way in which relationships entwine to become deep tree roots.

Not one easily read with a dry eye, Ahern’s latest story gently guides the reader into dark places but with one eye always on the light.


This book was originally reviewed for LoveReading.


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