A House In Numbers – 2016 Reflection

2 broken vacuum cleaners

2 hours getting a kitchen design quote

3 minor leaks through the kitchen ceiling

4 tubs of white paint

6 weeks between getting the keys and moving in

7.6 foot Christmas tree

9 trips to Ikea (at least!)

10 total people in the house for Boxing Day

100 year old building

1000 approximate number of tiles in three different sizes and colours


2016 has been a massive year for us individually, professionally, and as a couple. We moved 200 miles, going from living rent-free with my parents to occupying a stone built cottage in a tiny hamlet in the Peak District. We both got new jobs – Simon landing his after 3 months of unemployment. Both our positions were completely new fields in which we had no experience, but now we’re both confident in our roles and making progress.

In July after being together for 3 years and 4 months, we got engaged whilst on holiday in France. The wedding is already pretty much planned, deposits paid and big bits booked. With the house, we put it on the back burner, but are now ready to get back into the wedding mood as we’ve all of a sudden got less than a year to go.

We had a crazy weekend of getting a mortgage in principle, putting in an offer on a house and having it accepted. 6 weeks later we got the keys and 6 weeks after that moved in. It has been immensely stressful, but already so rewarding. It captured our hearts and imaginations the moment we step foot in the door, and we can see it transforming into the family home we dreamed of but never thought we’d achieve. Our bedroom is finished, one guest bedroom just needs a new carpet, and the bathroom is beautiful and fully functioning. There’s a lot to be done still, but with 30 years stretching ahead of us, we’re not in a rush. Having our families together under our own roof this Christmas was an amazing time, and our first festive season at Fern Bank was a success with great memories.

I feel so proud to reflect back and see what we’ve done this year. It’s been tough, we’ve had our share of arguments and dark moments questioning everything. But we’re now closer together, have established ourselves and our new lives in the Peak District, and have no regrets about the calculated risk to cup sticks. 2016 has been pretty epic and one which I’ll always think of as the year we really made things happen. 2017 is set to be a big one again, with my sister’s baby due in May, Simon’s mum and my dad both turning 60… oh and that little matter of our wedding.

Bring it on.




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